Diamonds are quite incredible and have long been held as one of the most beloved objects in the world.

In fact, in the first century AD, Pliny, a Roman naturalist, said: The diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.

Inspired by inspiration, Rorolove designed a rose gold 64 diamonds bezel 3 real diamonds dial watch for elegant ladies' love affair with diamonds.

Rorolove 64 Diamonds Bezel 3 Diamonds Dial Watch For Ladies

Craftsmanship: Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond not only refers to the diamond’s shape, it also refers to how effectively the diamond returns light back to the viewer’s eye.

A well-cut diamond will appear  brilliant and fiery, while a poorly cut diamond can appear dark and lifeless, regardless of its color or clarity.

Not only do well-cut diamonds appear more brilliant, they also tend to appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. An "ideal" diamond has both increased brilliance and diameter relative to more deeply-cut diamonds.

An Ideal Cut Diamond is a round, brilliant, or princess cut diamond that is cut to ideal proportions and angles, and has excellent polish and symmetry ratings. An Ideal Cut Diamond is perfectly proportioned to refract light, producing that fire and brilliance up through to the table and crown.

Every diamond from Rorolove collection is a lasting masterpiece, a perfect diamond.

Rorolove Elegant Diamond Watch for Ladies

Diamonds are not only thought to have magical powers and to be one of the most beautiful objects in the natural world, but their strength and purity are also quintessential symbols for love.

Diamonds are the most commonly used gemstone in wedding jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands, and so do Rorolove diamond watches.

Rorolove elegant luxury diamond watch for women's fashion

About Rorolove

Be unique with the combination of minimalistic design and diamond with K-gold jewelry, Rorolove represents detail oriented design at its finest, we believe in design as an expression to advocate the loyal love and free lifestyle, letting the product speak for itself. The subtle set of qualities is what makes a Rorolove a true precious gift to love for years to come.

We believe in “ one life one love", and hope that people are loyal to their spouses, friends, and families throughout lifetime, just like what flamingos do.