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The texture and texture of leather wristbands are different.
The color tone of high-quality leather will change with daily use and the passage of time, which is a natural and normal phenomenon.

The watch has a built-in battery, which can generally be used for about 2-3 years, depending on (but not limited to) the following external factors: outside temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc.

Sapphire grade glass

The waterproof performance of rorolove watch is 3ATM.
We recommend that you avoid any contact with water. Avoid wearing your watch in showers, baths, swimming, diving, or any activities that have direct contact with water.
If you accidentally get into water or fog, you can take the following emergency treatment:
If you encounter water, wipe it with a clean towel, dry it or use suitable warm air to dry it.
Wear the watch on your wrist with the surface facing inwards and the case back facing outwards. After a few hours, the moisture in the watch will gradually decrease.
 Prepare some paper towels or moisture-absorbent flannel, wrap the watch tightly, and place it about 5 cm below the 40-watt light bulb. Bake for about 30 minutes, the movement will slowly disappear.

rorolove adopts Japanese quartz movement and Swiss quartz movement according to different watch models.

If you are not satisfied within 30 days after receiving the goods, and the product does not affect the second sale, you can contact and send an email to contact the return and exchange, and the resulting freight will be borne by you;
If the goods you receive are defective, please do not wear them, and contact us as soon as possible.

After your returned package arrives at our company's warehouse, we will process and inspect each returned package, and then make a decision to agree or disagree to receive it accordingly.
If your return is approved, we will refund your order in full, and the money will enter your account within 3-7 working days.

The warranty period of rorolove watches is 2 years from the date of purchase.

If your product requires warranty, please contact customer service during the warranty period and return the product to the designated repair address.

If one of the following situations occurs, it is not covered by the warranty. We can provide you with professional maintenance services and charge a reasonable fee.
The limited warranty does not cover the following points:

Batteries, metal straps, textured straps, chain straps or quartz crystals are normally worn, aged or damaged by humans.

Improper use or improper operation due to accidents, watch parts or any accessories. Damage caused by non-compliance with the instruction manual or user guide provided with the watch, carelessness or improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, abrasion, tearing, or other reasons other than defects in the watch parts or manufacturing process.

Water has entered, unless there is a corresponding waterproof mark on the watch.

Damaged after the expiration of the warranty period.

If the watch is damaged due to repair, service or modification by persons other than rorolove authorized retailers or service providers, it will not be covered by this limited warranty and will invalidate the limited warranty. If the serial number engraved on the watch case disappears, or is erased, altered, forged, replaced, defaced or illegible, the limited warranty will be invalidated.

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