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brand introduction

rorolove jewelry Ltd. was founded by Roey Jones in 2017 in London, England. rorolove is a British jewelry and watch brand that uses natural diamonds as the main design material. It adheres to the noble concept of "one life one love" and aims to interpret the unswerving love and free and easy personality. Positioning at a price close to the people, embellish the light and luxurious style in the details to create self-confident and shining exquisite works, full of emotions and dedicated to those who love the most to witness the eternal beauty. Appreciate the charm of timepieces and jewellery in the light of diamonds, devote to showing the brand style, focus on creating a light luxury style, give life to the work in the diversified era, and tell every memorable story and every work in the language of gems The design has its unique beauty and characteristics, just like everyone has an irreplaceable ordinary or wonderful life; use a time-honored jewelry watch to record every meaningful moment in life.

Why is rorolove?

Why is rorolove? It was a romantic story that inspired the idea for rorolove. On the trip to Chile, our founder, Roey Jones, was attracted by a group of flamingos when she was seeking creative inspiration. The locals told Roey that flamingos were social animal though, they only have one partner in their lifetime. Inspired by this romantic story, Roey decided to create her own diamond watch brand with a flamingo logo after... Flamingo represents romantic feelings, dreams, persistent pursuits, and eternal love; in life, it is free and easy, simple and pure to follow the flame mountain in the heart, and in love, it is loyal and unswerving in life and only loves one partner until the flame is annihilated. Rorolove uses flamingo as its brand logo to extol the beauty of flamingo "one life one love", and hopes that people's love for love, family affection and friendship will end up like a flamingo.

What We Believe In?

We believe in “ one life one love", and hope that people are loyal to their spouses, friends, and families throughout lifetime, just like what flamingos do.

Be unique with the combination of minimalistic design and diamond with K-gold jewelry, rorolove represents detail oriented design at its finest, we believe in design as an expression to advocate the loyal love and free lifestyle, letting the product speak for itself. The subtle set of qualities is what makes a rorolove a true precious gift to love for years to come.

The design of jewellery and watches is inspired by the visual charm of gems, and combines modern trends with novel creativity. Natural diamonds and colorful gems are used as the main materials to perfectly combine jewelry skills, giving each piece a new meaning in Ambilight. Focusing on itself shines.

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