Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and also in fact the most popular gem out of the four most common.

Rorolove has released some new models in the ladies collection, featuring a stainless steel bracelet, mother of pearl dial or opal gem, this is stunning new watches that will grab the attention!

The timepieces include 3 to 12 diamonds set into it’s dial which really adds class and luxury to the piece, with a mix of circular and square diamonds used to add depth and detail to the watch.

Rorolove diamonds watch as a gift

The Diamond timepieces are the latest presentation from Rorolove. A modern, fashion forward adaption of a classic design, which features fantastic and charming diamonds set on the mother of pearl dial or opal gem.

With Sapphire Crystal glass, all watches of Rorolove are scratch-proof and wear-resistant, the vast majority of modern Swiss watches utilize a sapphire crystal.

Rorolove diamonds watch with Sapphire Crystal

At first glance, the Rorolove diamonds watch looks like a regular ladies’ luxury watch adorned with diamonds on the dial and bezel along with opal gem. There’s a flamingo logo on each dial of the watch, meaning that people are loyal to their spouses, friends, and families throughout lifetime, just like what flamingos do.

Rorolove diamonds watch with flamingo

As the motto, “one life one love,”  Rorolove aspires people to be loyal to their spouses, friends, and families throughout lifetime – similar to what flamingos do. Inspired by this concept, conceived with passion, and born with quality, Rorolove watches represent a modern union of quality and fashion to make diamond luxury watches and jewelry affordable for almost everyone to express love in their life.

Additionally, Rorolove also represents detail-oriented design at its finest and believes design is an expression to advocate for the loyal love and free lifestyle - letting the product speak for itself. The subtle set of qualities is what makes a Rorolove a true precious gift of love for years to come.

Rorolove diamonds watch as a gift

So if you’re looking for a unique women’s luxury watch to indulge in or to gift to someone special, then get twisting with the Rorolove diamonds watch.