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  1. ROROLOVE watches strictly implement the "2-year warranty" service policy for movements and batteries.
  2. There are performance failures (non-use problems) such as stop walking within seven days of product sales, no skipping of the week calendar, etc., and can be exchanged free of charge if the appearance is not damaged. If the appearance is damaged, the movement can be replaced. Within 15 days of the watch being sold, if the above performance failure occurs, the movement can be changed.
  3. Within three months of sales (from the date of purchase), the movement has the same performance failure. After repairs, the accessories are more than two times, they still cannot be used normally, and can be replaced for free.

Non-warranty scope of the watch:

  1. Rorolove's warranty service does not cover:
  2. Appearance parts (watch case, metal strap, watch glass, buckle, crown, bottom cover, front ring) normal wear and aging (for example: surface scratches, color changes);
  3. Normal aging and color change of non-metallic materials (cortex, fiber, rubber);
  4. The watch is a periodic timing instrument, and there is no over-tolerance problem in normal use. However, the users are different. Due to the impact of external forces such as vibration and magnetism, the speed error exceeds the standard. It is a normal phenomenon in use. It can be adjusted if it is not attributed to failure. If the standard is still not met through adjustment, the related parts can be repaired or replaced free of charge within the warranty period.
  5. The exterior parts of the watch (such as case, face, needle, crown, glass, appearance fixing parts and strap, etc.) should be inspected during sales, and be seen clearly on the face. During use, damage to exterior parts is not covered by the warranty. But it is indeed a defect in the manufacturing process, which is not caused by use (such as asymmetric case, incomplete surface scale, and blistering of the coating, etc.). If it is within the warranty period, the unqualified appearance parts can be replaced. The metal strap disassembled by the mechanical tool in the appearance part is naturally loose during the warranty period. After more than two repairs, it still cannot be used normally, and it can be disassembled by hand. It is unqualified and the part can be replaced free of charge. The surface blocks and trademarks are used off, repairs are free of charge during the warranty period, and repairs after two or more times still cannot be used normally. Replace the parts for free.
  6. A watch that is not engraved with waterproof lettering and logo is a non-waterproof watch. Watches with waterproof words and logos should be resistant to three atmospheres of pressure (the back cover and crown have waterproof rubber rings, the watch glass and the case are seamlessly connected), and have the occasional hand-washing, face-washing, cooking, etc. Waterproof effect due to water splashing, but should not be used in bathing, sauna, swimming and other occasions (except for special diving watches). If improper use occurs, the water in the watch will be removed by the after-sales door, and the parts must be replaced. Charged at the cost price during the warranty period.
  7. Any man-made loss caused by collision, vibration, water ingress, contact with chemicals, self-disassembly, etc. is not covered by the warranty.
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