While working I often hear, “I adore this piece of jewelry but I can only wear it for formal events and I only attend a couple of those a year”.

And it’s true there are not many formal events in the majority of our lives. We are not the starchy society we once were, particularly in London. But that does not mean we have to give up on exquisite jewelry just because we are worried we will have no place to wear it. 

Outfit: Diamond Watch In The Hand, From Day To Night

Exquisite jewelry is worth a little effort. Fashion, not shockingly has always been a passion in modern times. Some people collect stamps, some people restore cars, I like to see just how dressy you can wear a t-shirt and just how casually you can wear diamonds watch. 

To be honest, everything looks better with diamonds, especially for watches, who can resist diamond watch with a white shirt and the cutest kilt for drinks with the girls?

Outfit: Diamond In The Hand, From Day To Night

When you find an outfit or accessory that inspires you, a wardrobe builds around it. That's why it's not only okay to experiment with accessories, it's encouraged! Change which wrist you wear the diamond on, whatever makes you feel your most stylish is the way to go.

Diamond watches build on these basic fashion truisms in ways that are both exciting and revelatory, especially with a few tips on how to dazzle with the unique styles.

The price of Rorolove Diamond watches ranges from 200 USD to 500 USD, which can be a normal dress watch for ladies. You can wear it no matter working day or weekend, go to party and have a meeting, it’s almost suitable for every occasion.

Every diamond from Rorolove produced in South Africa, a real diamond.